Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  is a form of traditional medicine that is based on over 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice and evolution. TCM includes various modes of therapy: herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (Qigong and Taichi), and diet. 

At Koh Kee Chang TCM Clinic, Dr Koh specialises in herbal formulae that helps balance the body, strengthens immunity and restores health. The herbal formulae have been passed down through the generations and have been refined to address the imbalances of modern lifestyles. 


Koh Kee Chang

Dr. Koh Kee Chang continues the family tradition of TCM practitioners and has accumulated over 55+ years of experience as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  physician.  Practicing since graduating in 1962 from Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, Dr Koh has refined the family formulas of the past for today’s lifestyles. 

Dr Koh Kee Chang

Koh Kee chang clinic



Family Roots

The Koh Family has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  for the past 13 generations and Dr. Koh Kee Chang continues to bring over 350 years of accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience to his patients.

One of the features of the long Koh TCM tradition is that we only use plant-based herbs and do not use any animal products in our prescriptions. As a principle and philosphy, we do NOT “hurt a life to save one”.

Dr. Koh Chong Hern served as vice-president of the Chinese School of Traditional Medicine.

Dr Koh Kee Chang’s father – Dr. Koh Chong Hern (1899-1970) hails from Chao’an in Guangdong Province of China and arrived in Singapore in 1918 at the invitation of Seah Liang Seah to treat his son who was ill. The elder Dr Koh was a well respected physician and served as a vice-president of the Chinese School of Traditional Medicine, playing a role in the development of TCM practice in Singapore.

Dr. Koh Chong Hern (1899-1970)

President of the Chinese Physician Association
Vice President – Chinese School of Traditional Medicine


" Dr. Koh Kee Chang pioneered the use of herbal TCM in capsule form

The traditional method of consuming the herbs was to procure a prescription from the TCM physician and buy the herbs prescribed from the medical hall. The patient would then be required to boil the herbs following a strict set of cooking instructions as to the timing and temperature of the broth. The process of preparing TCM herbs for consumption are time-consuming and laborious.

Given his rich TCM family history, Dr. Koh Kee Chang had accumulated a library of effective herbal formulas which he wished to provide to patients in a convenient form.

To simplify the process and for the convenience of his patients, Dr Koh processed the family herbal formulae into powder form and encapsulated the herbal remedies for easy consumption. This method has been proven as an effective method of treatment and has been successfully and widely adopted by his patients.

" Dr. Koh Chong Hern Chang invents a new method of extraction for herbal remedies

On November 1st, 1957 Nanyang Daily reported that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dr. Koh Chong Hern pioneered the use of herbal TCM extracts.

The news article above reports that TCM doctor Koh Chong Hern specialises in andrology, gynecology, pediatrics, and internal medicine and served as Vice President of the Chinese School of Traditional Medicine in Singapore. His clinic is located at 70A Circular Road, 2nd floor. 

Dr Koh was also the President of the Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association in 1970


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